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Origin and evolution

PROMETEON is the former licensee to the distribution in Italy of Eng. Rossi’s LENR based E-Cat(r) generators.

After selling back the licence to the licensor, at the end of 2014 Prometeon started its own research projects on both LENR and high efficency thermo electric conversion, supported by some former professors of the University of Bologna and by a Russian scientist and researcher from the Federal University of Rostov.

chi-siamo-ING-1In May 2016 PROMETEON and the scientific association Open Power signed a synergic cooperation agreement for speeding up the development of all projects by sharing their know how and the technical resources.

At the moment PROMETEON and Open Power are jointly developing several research projects:

  • NAF-HEG (Neutron Activated Fusion – Heat and Electricity Generator). Clean energy (heat and electricity) with high efficiency direct conversion of nuclear energy into electricity.

  • TEC-Chip. High efficiency Thermo-Electric Conversion based on an innovative micro-cell manufactured with microchip technologies.

  • NAR-He-3 (Neutron Activated Reactions – Production of 3He). Production of Helium 3, the clean fuel of the fusion reactors of the future, at affordable costs.

  • NAR-WTA (Neutron Activated Reactions – Waste Transmutation Accelerator). Radioactive waste treatment through waste transmutation accelerators based on high speed neutrons.

  • NAR-POS (Neutron Activated Reactions – Production of positrons emitting radionuclides for PET). Production of radionuclides for PET with compact devices having affordable costs (when compared to cyclotrons).